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Law That You Can Afford

SmartLegalFormsThis blog is authored by members of the SmartLegalForms team, and edited by Richard S. Granat, CEO/SmartLegalForms.

This blog is intended for legal document preparers and legal document technicians and their customers.  It will cover new developments in the delivery of legal services to individuals of moderate means and the broad middle class in the United States.  Both sectors of the population have been priced out of the market for legal services and therefore access to the legal system. It will unauthorized practice of law issues and new initiatives to license a new class of professionals to serve the public directly.

At the intersection of Internet technology and the legal industry there are innovations that are resulting in broadening access to justice. State Courts, the National Legal Services Program through its TIG Program, lawyers delivering unbundled legal services online, alternative providers of legal solutions such as LegalZoom, are all exploring ways to broaden the market for legal services by finding effective solutions for what has been called, “the latent market for legal services.”  New Web sites such as ExpertBids, LawPivot, and are offering consumers new tools and approaches for getting the information they need to become effective purchasers of legal services.

This blog is focused on helping consumers and small business find and use new tools for accessing the legal system at a price they can afford. We will profile new entrants to the legal that are disruptive of the old order, identify useful tools that help consumers pay fair and reasonable prices for legal solutions and test out new online services that can deliver a legal solution at prices that people can afford. Legal service affordability is the theme of this blog.

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