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Exclusive Territories Now Available for SLF Platform

Free 30 Day Trial SmartLegalformsYou can purchase either a non-exclusive Subscription to the SmartLegalForms Platform, or
you can purchase an Exclusive Subscription License to a particular geographical territory.
If we sell a license to a geographical territory and you have a non-exclusive Subscription, your Subscription will be terminated at the end of its term.

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However, If you have purchased a non-exclusive subscription, we will give you a right of first refusal to convert your non-exclusive subscription to an Exclusive Subscription License before your location to another third party.

An Exclusive Subscription License requires a one-time fee of $7,500.00 which is paid in two installments. The first payment is due when you execute the Subscription Agreement. The second payment is due when your staff begins their training program and your Web Site is live.

In addition, you are required to pay our regular monthly subscription fee for each office as described here. You do not pay a royalty or a percentage of your gross sales.
You just pay a monthly hosting fee for the use of the SmartLegalForms platform.

What’s included

  • A protected territory of approximately 125,000 in population, normally a county or a portion of a county,
  • License to the SmartLegalForms document automation platform and business management system.
  • A SEO-optimized Web Site with your branding is included. See sample Web Site at LegalDocCenter. Included in the Web Site is our Comprehensive Law Guide of hundreds of legal information pages. See example of Law Guide here. This is a $3,000 value that is included in the $7,500.00 Exclusive Subscription Fee.
  • Training for your staff through the Legal Technician Training Institute. You have the option of training on-line, or in person training in Palm Beach Gardens where our headquarters is located.
  • Assistance in selecting your retail location. We will utilize demographic and market research to help you identify and select an advantageous site, negotiate a favorable lease, and create a professional retail environment that is consistent with the SmartLegalForms concept. You can expect that a new retail store location can be opened within 30 days after signing your lease.
  • Assistance in creating marketing materials, signage, and collateral support materials.

Territories That Have Been Sold: (This list is subject to change, Non-exclusive Subscriptions are no longer available in these locations.)


Santa Barbara, California
Simi Valley, California, Ventura County, LegalDocCenter

New York

Watertown, New York, Jefferson County, LegalDocsbyMe
Syracuse, New York, Onondaga County, New York, LegalDocsbyMe


West Palm Beach, Florida, Palm Beach County
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Palm Beach County
Jupiter, Florida, Palm Beach County
Jacksonville, Florida, Duval County, Zip Codes Around U.S. Military Bases.Sarasota, Florida, Sarasota County, FreedomRIngs

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