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Web-Enabled Document Automation

SmartLegalForms’s libraries of automated legal documents are powered by Rapidocs®, our proprietary document and form automation technology, developed in-house exclusively for this purpose.

Rapidocs® guides the client user through an ‘intelligent’ question-and-answer session which transforms their answers into tailor-made legal documents in real time.  When the online “Questionnaire” is completed by the client and submitted to the firm, a first draft document set is ready for download, review and amendment (if needed) by the firm.  The final document(s) is/are uploaded to the “client space”, ready for instant download.

The underlying technology of Rapidocs® is very sophisticated, but the Q&A process is very simple.  Guidance and advice (help prompts) are provided throughout the interview process so that the vast majority of queries that a user may have are dealt with immediately, within the Questionnaire itself, without recourse to an expert.

With Rapidocs® you get the rare benefits of a highly innovative solution, with the stability of a tried and tested application – it was first developed in 1996. Every month, the system is used by thousands of individuals and has an unequalled track record in the self-help legal document market.

DirectLaw uses Rapidocs the leading document automation system

Rapidocs serves as both an efficiency and a quality-control tool, delivering powerful features and benefits.

Rapidocs features:

  • Flexibility – virtually any form or document, regardless of its complexity, may be automated with this unique technology.
  • Easy to use – the highly intuitive Rapidocs interface enables users to create documents with little or no prior experience.
  • An answer only needs to be given once to enter it into the document however many times it is needed.
  • No software to install. Rapidocs is browser independent and will work in both a Windows and a Macintosh/iPad environment.
  • Security – all documents and forms are locked with 128-bit key encryption, making them ultra secure.
  • Web friendly – documents can be accessed directly from a web browser and easily completed online.
  • Easy to author – You can author your own automated documents and forms using Rapidocs Author, and we will publish to your site at no additional cost to you.

Rapidocs benefits:

  • Time saving – documents that previously took hours to produce and approve can be created and finalized in minutes.
  • Cost saving – whether through the time saved, or potential headcount reduction, Rapidocs enables a law firm to cut costs and thereby increase the bottom line.
  • Efficiency – by facilitating the creation and storage of documents electronically, physical storage and management of paper becomes largely unnecessary.
  • Consistency and quality control – keying errors are significantly reduced by the advanced validation features Rapidocs has to offer.